Marita Gootee
  artist statements brief vitae about this site

I have worked in several photographic materials over my tenure as an artist. Each material or process reflects my life, my emotions, and my surroundings. I have explored the scope of photography from the traditional to the digital to alternative. I would like to present my recent work and the path that brought me to this place in my imagery.

The images that I produce are created with the use of various pinhole cameras, Zero 2000 and the Leonardo 8x10. I use black and white film and print on Agfa 118, Luminos Charcoal and Luminos Tapestry paper. The images are then hand tinted using standard colored pencils and a touch of linseed oil.

Each image is a new and creative interpretation of a visual memory. To accept and refresh through a visual exploration of this imagery is my goal for the viewer.

SHIFTING LANDSCAPES Hand Tinted Pinhole Images
Photography for me has been a mode of personal and visual explorations. I move from one technique to another excited about what I can take from each material to convey my thoughts in the visual form.

I am drawn to the landscape as I reflect upon the passage of time. The pinhole camera provides a vehicle for capturing the location and the passing of the moment in unison. It becomes a window into the mysteries of the natural world. The images reflect the spiritual quality of the land. The majority of the images are not grand vistas but rather the over-looked beauty of what wonder lies around us. The use of color in the images further expresses the wonder and mystery of nature and how humans perceive nature.

SAND SHADOWS Hand Tinted Pinhole Images
The terms such as dreamlike, memory, mystical and more have been used to describe these images. They are not images frozen in time, as are so many other photographs. Rather they are a blending of time and self-reflection.

Sand Shadows with its blurred imagery and hints of color are fragments of the moment. They have a touch of romance for a memory or an emotion. The images permit travel within a memory as the viewer is swept by the visual motion and timeless quality. The images are much like the subject as it blends with the ocean and is drawn out to the sea. The surf cannot be stopped or held back by man. Neither can time.

Most recently I have explored having the images scanned and enlarged to a scale that is more life size. The 48”x 62”images show the texture of the pencil strokes and the paper texture. They challenge the viewer and the waves seem to sweep into the gallery. The larger image negates the memory as a past event and brings it to the present.

ON THE BEACH 20x24 Polaroid Prints        
The images were created in January 2006 in the Polaroid Studio in New York City. Each is a one-of-a-kind image. All are created in the studio. It was a challenge to bring the feel of the beach into the studio.

The backgrounds were from a pinhole series titled ‘Sand Shadows’. The Newton rings on the background prints are there to accent the falseness of the scenario. The use of the figure, toys and motion are placed to mimic both the real and surreal.

This body of work to creates memory-like images for the viewer. The images transcend time and reality. It is not to be taken as a literal reference to an exact place and time. The use of the plastic flies and other toys are playful reminders that imagination is magical. The portraits are direct and challenging. The figure reads ghostly at times as if seen for but a moment.

POOLSIDE 8x10 Polaroid and Silver Gelatin Prints
It is a hot summer day and what is more fun than to take a swim in a cool refreshing pool? The pool is the American icon for summer. It is a place to exercise the body and refresh the mind. It is a status symbol and one of independence.

These images explore the romance of the pool and the dreamlike quality of the lazy summer day. An 8x10 Pinhole camera captures the subject on black and white film and Polaroid film. The images are 1:1 to the format. The light reflecting on the floating raft becomes a pool dance on the film. The figures are many times blurred. This creates a dreamlike - if not - mystical feel to the imagery.